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This process accounts for most of the changes that occur in the viruses from one influenza season to another. Because partial exemptors have the potential to sway the balance between herd immunity and vulnerability, public health officials must take account of their concerns.

Free essays on Biology posted on this site were donated by anonymous users and are provided for informational use only. In short, after all these horrible symptoms the patient still feels exhausted a series of days after the flu is gone.

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Influenza vaccine should be administered between September and midNovember. Andy finally convinces Rafe Hollister to take his shot after describing the horrible effects of the disease and how likely Rafe is to contract it.

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Why the Vaccine Must Be Taken Every Year Although only a few different influenza viruses circulate at any given time, people continue to become ill with the flu throughout their lives. Another reason is that antibody produced by the host in response to the vaccine declines over time, and antibody levels are often low one year after vaccination.

He also claims that the flu vaccine can Influenza vaccination project essay damage your nervous system. So, the flu vaccine does not cause the flu?

This vaccine is made with viruses that can confer immunity but do not cause classic influenza symptoms. Not to mention thewhom died afterward of bacterial pneumonia. If you reside in a nursing home or are over the age of 65 you are as well at risk. People will, therefore, be able to go about their businesses without the fear of infection.

Economic Analysis Economic analysis [] provides a useful theoretical basis for evaluating the competing sides of the vaccination debate. Efforts to control the impact of influenza are aimed at types A and B, and the remainder of this discussion will be devoted only to these two types.

Nevertheless, some older people remember earlier influenza vaccines that did, in fact, produce more unpleasant side effects. When this virus first emerged, it was associated with lower mortality than that caused by the two previous pandemic viruses.

After the devastating pandemic ofthis subtype continued to circulate and undergo antigenic drift. A person can get influenza if someone coughs, sneezes, or even talks around you while they are infected.

Actual enforcement varies by state. In some years more people get influenza that others. With an easy, prompt diagnosis your physician will be able to treat his patients with antiviral medications like amantadine and rimantadine, instead of antibiotics which are powerless against viruses.

Vaccine efficacy also varies from one person to another. Most people who get the flu recover completely in 1 to 2 weeks, but some people develop serious and potentially lifethreatening medical complications, such as pneumonia. Overall vaccine effectiveness varies from year to year, depending upon thedegree of similarity between the influenza virus strains included in the vaccine and the strain or strains that circulate during the influenza season.

Vaccines produced from the s to the mids were not as highly purified as modern influenza vaccines, and it was these impurities that caused most of the side effects.

Other Concerns Other challenges to vaccination laws have cited strongly held religious or philosophical positions against vaccination in general. As is clear from the foregoing summary of FDA vaccine approval, not all adverse effects will be known from clinical trials. Flu viruses have the capability of living for around 48 hours on surfaces like door knobs, desks, phones, light switches and keyboards.

There are several different reasons for this belief. Their varying styles can be seen as varying state requirements and enforcement options for vaccination. Biology term papers Disclaimer: Most importantly, as the unofficial leader of the farming community, his decision will be followed by the other farmers.

However, the swine flu has been isolated and vaccine against it was made in masses to be carried out by the U. This should be done through health centers and dispensaries. Expression of Hepatitis B surface antigen in transgenic banana plants and NT- I cell line of tobacco.

Health specialists urge you to get vaccinated each fall with the new vaccine.However, during the recent decade an anti-vaccine movement has emerged, powered by the complaints and claims of parents in Internet and videos related to supposed specific effects of vaccines.

Many mothers opt not to vaccinate their children, or refuse from certain vaccinations. Influenza Flu Vaccine among the Elderly Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Influenza Flu Vaccine among the ElderlyTrucchi et.

al. articleThe authors have focused on the various epidemiological study methods that can be used in evaluating the effectiveness of vaccines. - Influenza is a major cause of worldwide morbidity and mortality every year, although Influenza Vaccines (i.e., flu shots) is a effective way to decrease the chance of morbidity and mortality caused by influenza.

of mandatory influenza vaccination from a medical perspective are clear: mandatory policy would effectively increase compliance and thereby protect patient and healthcare workers from the detrimental medical consequences of nosocomial transmission.

Flu vaccines are available as Flu shot of trivalent inactivated or killed virus (TIV) or Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine (LAIV) as nasal spray. However, it is impossible to prevent influenza by one time vaccination because Influenza viruses undergo changes from year to year and develop resistance making previously available vaccines ineffective.

A vaccine is defined as a biological agent used to prevent very serious illnesses and diseases, such as smallpox, measles, influenza, tuberculosis, and hepatitis by injecting a .

Influenza vaccination project essay
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